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I'm Lyn, welcome to my site.
Cringe is dead and the world is burning, it's time for everyone to return to making little personal websites.

Most common question I tend to get is, 'How do you make these?" If you're interested in the answer, I sometimes put progress pictures and small tutorials up in my Patreon. Any support is deeply appreciated!

Next most common question is, "How did you get into this?" Well, that started when I was 6 and watched Jurassic Park on repeat until the tape wore out. Growing up in Florida, spending all my time catching lizards and obsessing about birds, snakes, and bugs, led to a natural fascination with natural history and taxidermy. After a span of living in a tent in a cypress swamp apprenticing under a taxidermist, I applied those newly learned skills to recreating ancient animals instead and have been honing my craft for about a decade now.

While I mostly specialize in faux taxidermy dinosaurs, you'll also find assorted other media and subject matter within my gallery.
Feel free to print out some dinosaur coloring pages from over in 2D art!

If any images appear to be broken, just try clicking on them and they should load. This isn't the sturdiest host but I double checked all my img links.