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The world is full of magical items that may come in handy for your adventures.

Healing items restore health and magical energy

How about some amulets and charms to protect from elements and illness?

Magic rings are handy for a small boost to health, stamina, magic, etc

Adventure is great but so is rest. Why not take a break and do some fishing? Here's some lures to help

Battle is an inevitable part of adventure, but sometimes there's just not time for that nonsense. This line of chicken items will help you avoid conflict with the local fauna

Alternatively, why not call on some local wildlife to help you out?

Want to hunt out rare items? The bronze book will tell you what monsters are known to carry so you can search more effectively, and the platinum card can be shown to venders to get VIP access to their more unusual stock.

If you find any ra-seru eggs on your journey, setting them into a focus allows you to unlock their magic in battle.